New Fruit

1 Oct

For the first time in a very long time, I rose early enough to seek my Savior this morning. I have been choosing sleep over a time of seeking Him before the day begins, and thus feeling the effects in my spiritual walk. I have been dry. I have lacked the fruit that should abound in my life and I came into His Presence this morning desiring to renew my early morning fellowship once again.


There has always been something about a new month that brings to my heart a desire for a fresh start. As October begins, I find myself with an earnest prayer upon my heart. I wrote this prayer as I often write many of my prayers down in my spiral notebook as a record of my commitment to Him.

“Lord, I pray that You will enable me to forsake sleep to diligently seek Thee for the next 31 days.”

A short and simple prayer but one in which I will need His enabling to perform. I have missed the sweet fellowship with my Lord and feel better by just one morning spent at His feet. It’s not that I haven’t been in His Word, but for me there is no better time than just after I awake to spend with Him. I’ve blogged countless times about the difference it makes in my day!

After praying this prayer, I went to my morning devotional by Charles Spurgeon as I often do. I was thrilled at what I found written for this first day of October! It couldn’t have been more fitting for this morning! It just strengthened my desire for new fruit in my life that has been nearly barren lately. It reminded me as my Lord does daily that He wants to do today what He has done before. He wants to be as real to me now as He has been for the last 4 years. He has produced much old fruit in my life that I still benefit from today, but He wants to work again! He wants new fruit. He has new mercies. He has new grace. Now it’s up to me to allow Him to bring forth new fruit in my life!

I am posting the devotion here in hopes that it will challenge you to bear “new fruit!”


“Pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee, O my beloved.”
–Song of Solomon 7:13

The spouse desires to give to Jesus all that she produces. Our heart has “all manner of pleasant fruits,” both “old and new,” and they are laid up for our Beloved. At this rich autumnal season of fruit, let us survey our stores. We have new fruits. We desire to feel new life, new joy, new gratitude; we wish to make new resolves and carry them out by new labours; our heart blossoms with new prayers, and our soul is pledging herself to new efforts. But we have some old fruits too. There is our first love: a choice fruit that! and Jesus delights in it. There is our first faith: that simple faith by which, having nothing, we became possessors of all things. There is our joy when first we knew the Lord: let us revive it. We have our old remembrances of the promises. How faithful has God been! In sickness, how softly did He make our bed! In deep waters, how placidly did He buoy us up! In the flaming furnace, how graciously did He deliver us. Old fruits, indeed! We have many of them, for His mercies have been more than the hairs of our head. Old sins we must regret, but then we have had repentances which He has given us, by which we have wept our way to the cross, and learned the merit of His blood. We have fruits, this morning, both new and old; but here is the point–they are all laid up for Jesus. Truly, those are the best and most acceptable services in which Jesus is the solitary aim of the soul, and His glory, without any admixture whatever, the end of all our efforts. Let our many fruits be laid up only for our Beloved; let us display them when He is with us, and not hold them up before the gaze of men. Jesus, we will turn the key in our garden door, and none shall enter to rob Thee of one good fruit from the soil which Thou hast watered with Thy bloody sweat. Our all shall be Thine, Thine only, O Jesus, our Beloved!

If we are to bear fruit, we must abide in Him! May you bear much fruit today and in the coming days of this new month! Happy October everyone! 🙂

  “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”

John 15:5


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