He Speaks! :)

28 Sep

As Jesus went with Jairus, He took the time to stop and attend unto someone else’s needs along the way. A suffering woman who had battled a dreadful blood disease sought His healing, and though His destination was the house of the distraught ruler, He stopped anyway.

As Jesus finished His encounter with the woman, I again wonder what Jairus may have been thinking. I’m sure he was waiting nervously, praying they’d make it there in time to rescue his child from the grip of death when the messenger arrived with the news:

“Thy daughter is dead; why troublest thou the Master any further?” Mark 5:35

His heart sank. The hope he had regained as the Healer walked with him dissolved as quickly as it came. DEAD? Did he hear that right? No…No…it couldn’t be! Jesus was walking with me! I thought that meant He was going to heal her!

They’d almost made it! If only they hadn’t been sidetracked by this woman! I wonder if these thoughts filled his mind as he struggled to understand the severity of it all.

Then it happened. Jesus broke the silence and spoke to Him. The red words that were absent before come when he needs them most:

“Be not afraid, only believe.” Mark 5:36

There was something about His Voice that brought assurance. Something that said, this is truth.

I believe that sometimes the Lord will tarry in our lives for specific and wondrous purposes. He has a point to the silence, a point to the circumstance that just seems to sidetrack you from your ultimate destination. It is painful and trying, but He has a point behind it. Just when we feel like we can’t wait any longer, when we know He’s with us and we know He’s able but it seems like a little too long since we’ve heard from Him or seen any action at all, He speaks. He speaks gently but firmly assuring us that though the days, weeks, and months have seemed silent, He was working all the while.

He allows a period of stillness to build our faith and to grow our dependence upon Him. As Jairus stood as patiently as He could waiting for the Master to conclude His miracle-working in the life of the woman, he was learning to trust. As the messenger arrived with the news that no parent ever wants to hear, Jesus was teaching Jairus to leave the impossible to the One who has a way with those kind of situations.

medJesus could have rushed quickly to the scene and restored the precious little girl to health, but He decided He wanted to allow Jairus the privilege of experiencing an even greater miracle, resurrection from the dead! Any doctor can prescribe medicine for the sick, but only Jesus can bring the dead to life again!

Jesus stopped to heal the woman not just to relieve her of her pain and end 12 years of searching for a cure, but to teach Jairus to trust.

Oh, that I would view roadblocks and detours as blessings and not burdens! Oh, that I would learn to trust His timing! It will probably take a season of silence, a time of tarrying, but in the end Jesus has something extraordinary planned!


“He hath made everything beautiful in His time!” Ecc. 3:11


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