Jesus went with him! :)

26 Sep

It was a struggle to decide what to post tonight because I have had opportunities over the last 2 days to hear so many wonderful messages! The Lord has used so many passages of Scripture to challenge and strengthen my heart! I praise the Lord for His Truth, the  men who will stand to preach it and the Sweet Spirit through which He speaks to me!

Today, I heard an incredible message preached from Mark chapter five. Though this verse wasn’t one of the verses expounded on specifically it was read as a part of the text and it has been on my heart ever since!

As broken-hearted Jairus approached Jesus, I wonder what was running through his mind? I’m sure he was panicked and frazzled as the Scripture tells that he “besought Him greatly” (Mark 5:23) and his hurried and emotional state was to be expected considering his circumstances. As his daughter lay dying, he came seeking the One he believed could change the course of this life and death situation.

Yet my mind wonders if Jairus may have been feeling something else in addition to his panic.

I wonder if he may have been fearful that Someone as busy as Jesus was during this phase of earthly ministry would turn down his request? Would Jesus even agree to visit his daughter much less have the time to heal her? I wonder if the devil filled his mind with doubts as he whispered the old familiar lines: “What’s the use?” “Why even try?” or “Jesus doesn’t care about you?” I’m sure the human side of Jairus was a little apprehensive but something in his spirit must have given him the courage he needed to fall at Jesus’ feet with this urgent plea.

I am reminded of the times in my life when urgency and panic overwhelm me only to be crowded by the doubts that Satan brings to my mind and heart.

“Why do you keep seeking Him with the same problem?”

“Don’t you think He’s tired of hearing that same request for prayer over and over again?”

“What’s the use?”

“Why even try?” 

The Devil loves to keep me from falling at the feet of my Lord any way he can, and he often uses doubt to do it.

Thankfully, Jairus didn’t let the doubts that may have been plaguing him keep him from beseeching the Savior on behalf of his beloved daughter. He had obviously heard that Jesus was in the business of changing lives, of making possible the impossible, of responding to the broken and to the burdened. He knew better than to allow Satan’s lies to keep him away!

But as encouraging as Jarius’ persistance is in his petitioning of Jesus, I was so blessed by the response of the gentle Healer from Nazareth.

Have you ever realized that a verbal response from Jesus isn’t recorded in this passage???? I don’t think I did until tonight! (I love it when the Lord shows me something fresh from His Word! :)) In verses 22-23, we see Jairus asking the Lord for help, and the verse to follow states only this:

“And Jesus went with him…” Mark 5:24

handsWords in red are absent from this verse, but I believe we see a clear and beautiful picture of our compassionate and loving Lord. Christ doesn’t speak, but I wonder if  He may have taken grieving Jairus by the hand as He “went with him?”

Sometimes our Savior is silent when we come seeking a verbal answer, but He sweetly assures us of His Presence. Somehow He speaks without words as His Spirit bears witness with our spirit giving us the courage to face whatever comes because He is with us!

Whatever you’re going through, know that He is with you! Even if you can’t hear His Voice, He is with you! He’s holding your hand and leading You exactly where He wants you! Just as He quietly walked with Jairus, He is walking right next to you! Trust Him! You’ll be so glad you did! 🙂

  “…Lo, I am with you ALWAY, even unto the END of the world. Amen.”

Matthew 28:20


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