My Redeemer

22 Sep

As I awoke this morning with the events of the day upon my mind, I heard Someone calling me closer to His nail-scared side for a day of sweet peace and victory. Regretfully those days have been few lately as I have allowed my service for Him to come before my seeking of Him. But thankfully today was different! His sweet Voice beckoned me to seek Him, seek Him for His protection of my Pop Pop through surgery today (the surgery hasn’t happened yet…more about that later), for the strengthening of my soul spiritually, for His Presence in all the hours ahead would hold. It had been way too long since I took an extended amount of time just to focus on Him and this morning His call to that was real and evident.

I began my study in the tiny book of Ruth and my heart was so blessed by what He revealed through a number of verses in chapter two. Wow! What a picture of my Lord’s love for me is found here!

gatheringgrainJust as Boaz loved Ruth and extended her grace and favor, my Jesus loves me “though I be not like unto one of (His) handmaidens.” (Ruth 2:13) Sinful, selfish, and so far from where I should be, still my Redeemer loves me! I am a Gentile, a foreigner, a stranger! I don’t deserve or warrant access into His field yet He extends an open invitation to me.

And although I owe Him a lifetime of service that would never be enough for all He’s done for me, He insists on SERVING ME!!!! Just as Boaz served Ruth, giving her a place at his table, my Lord delights in “reach(ing me) some parched corn….” that I may eat and be “satisfied!” (Ruth 2:14) Not only did He save me and give me the Bread of Life that I might have life eternal, but He sustains me beyond salvation. Daily calling me at mealtime to “come…hither” and feast upon Him spiritually.

The beginning of chapter 2 tells us that Ruth’s “hap was to light on a part of the field belonging unto Boaz…” (verse 3) This phrase means she happened upon it, but we know that as God’s children nothing just happens. Our sovereign and Wonderful Savior works it all for our good and His glory. Just as He has ‘happened’ to work His amazing works in my life over the last 4 in particular, the Lord blessed Ruth’s following of Naomi and desire to work to provide for their needs with the presence of a kinsman redeemer named Boaz. When we seek Him, He blesses! 🙂 Ruth made the choice to make Naomi’s God her God and the Lord took notice! By His great love and mercy, my Lord called me to a seeking of Himself and a set-apart life 4 years ago and today I am enjoying the innumerable blessings of laboring in His field!

And just as Ruth found herself upon her face before the gracious and loving Boaz, I found myself before my Redeemer this afternoon. I asked my Loving Lord the same question Ruth asked Boaz,

“Why have I found grace in thine eyes, that thou shouldest take knowledge of me, seeing that I am a stranger?” 

Ruth 2:10

His love and provision for me doesn’t make sense. I don’t and never will understand It, but I am in awe of It tonight. I only know that the love of my Redeemer for me as unloveable as I am is more REAL than anything words could ever describe. He  loves me and that thrills my soul! He shouldn’t even take knowledge of me much less allow me to be a part of His family, but He does! I think of David as He posed a similar question in Psalm 8:4: “What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?”  The Creator of the Universe calls me to His Side to remind me that He loves me and that I am redeemed, purchased of God to be faithfully serving Him as He faithfully serves me!

He is my Redeemer, He bought me back from the slavery of sin and the sentence of shame that I was living under! He stood before me as I attempted to gather morsels of grain from the field ever coming up hungry and lovingly offered me “handfuls of purpose” (Ruth 2:16) for the crumbs I was settling for!

I love my Lord tonight because He first loved me! I praise Him for being my God and for being my loving Redeemer! 🙂


Update: My grandfather was not able to have surgery today because of concerning findings about his lungs. We are still awaiting results of the scan to tell us more about this and his lack of breathing ability today. Right now, the surgery has been tentatively scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Please continue to pray for him and for my Mom Mom as she is by his side! Our God is the God of all comfort regardless of the circumstance. Thank you for petitioning the Lord on his behalf. I’ll keep you updated as things progress.  

* I also realized that the clock passed midnight as I typed this so the this morning and today I was referring to is Monday the 21st!*



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