Needing Encouragement?

14 Sep

little-girl-feeling-sadI went to the Word this morning needing encouragement. I was physically tired and often times physical exhaustion makes spiritual discouragement stronger, but then I “happened” upon these verses in one of my favorite Old Testament books.

“He shall not fail nor be discouraged… God the Lord, He that created the heavens, and stretched them out; He that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; He that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein.”

Isaiah 42:4a & 5

Wow! What better Source of encouragement than from the One who CANNOT be discouraged!!!!! Circumstances hinder me and how often they do, but NOTHING makes my Savior waiver! 🙂 My mood and attitude can change with a cross word from someone, with an unplanned event changing the course of my planned out day, it really doesn’t take much, but NOTHING discourages my Lord! This verse thrilled my discouraged heart and brought me the encouragement I was seeking for! He meant what He said when He promised that the seeking heart would find! (Jeremiah 29:13, Matthew 7:7)

These verses reminded me that all was well because the One that “created the Heavens, and stretched them out” was in complete control of the day ahead of me! I cannot stress enough the sweet peace that characterized my day because of this passage!

If you were needing encouragement this evening, I pray that these verses helped you as they did me!


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