“To see thy power and thy glory…”

9 Sep

Psalm 63:2

readingbible-300x174What do I see when I look at my life? Do I see His power and glory or do I see defeat and discouragement? Have I given Him all so that I can really have all? Is their evidence that my life has been lost for His? Has surrender become apparent to others? Can others see my resolution to follow Him? I had to ask myself these questions today when I came upon this verse. 

I’m afraid that all too often, I see the latter. Others may not because it’s easy to put on a smiling face and “play the part” so to speak but inside I am defeated and discouraged. Because life is terrible and difficult? No! (It is FAR from that, by the way! 🙂 ) The struggles of life are not the cause of this discouragement. This defeat is a spiritual defeat brought on by a failure to seek Him and His best consistently!

Once we have tasted of Him, we find out that He is good! (Psalm 34:8) Oh so very very good! And once we’ve tasted the best that He has to offer, we are miserable when we settle for anything less!  I know I may sound like a broken record (but I guess that’s ok since this is my blog 😉 ) but my worst days are days when I have slacked in my personal time with the Lord.

The key to a victorious Christian life, a life of seeing His power and glory, is spending DAILY time in His Word and in prayer. This may seem elementary and simple, but it couldn’t be more true in my life! I wish you could see inside my heart and literally view the difference between a day of communion with Him and a day without.

O how I want to see His power and glory! I’ve seen it before and now that I have I’m failing to truly live the life He intends for me when I go days, sometimes even weeks without seeing it!

Beginning your day with Bible study and prayer DOES NOT guarantee an automatic good day, but it does help ensure that regardless of whether a bad day or a good day is in store our hearts will be steadfast. It helps us to see His power and glory in the midst of EVERY day, circumstances and happenings aside.

When I see Him in my life, I have a happy and contented heart! When I see Him, the journey is joyful! When I see Him, I am more apt to serve Him! Oh I want to see Him!

  Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law. Psalm 119:18


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