What are you going through?

27 Aug

Maybe a season of waiting? Maybe a valley of fear? A time of teaching? It has been said that as Christians we are either getting ready to go through something, in the midst of something, or have just come through something. The journey certainly has much to go THROUGH but the Lord has shown me through my study of the word THROUGH that He is present at ALL times! (Heb. 13:5)

We MUST go THROUGH these valleys, seasons of waiting, teaching, trials and testing, but they are not without splendid purposes! We learn lessons we would’ve never learned had we been permitted to go around them instead of THROUGH them! We learn to love our Lord during those times like we never have before!

I think of what the children of Israel would’ve missed had they gone the short way from Egypt into Canaan. The parting of the Red Sea, the provision of a loving Heavenly Father, water from the rock, manna from Heaven. Miracles we still marvel at today all because God chose to take them THROUGH the wilderness! “God led them not THROUGH the way of the land of the Philistines, although it was near…But God led the people about, THROUGH the way of the wilderness of the Red Sea…”(Ex. 13:17-18) He choose the long way to teach His children more about His desire for their lives!

THROUGH darkness, we learn to see by the Light of His Presence. (Isaiah 45:3)

THROUGH sorrow, we learn that He is near, our hands held tightly by Hands once nail pierced. (Isaiah 42:6)

THROUGH waiting, we learn to be satisfied by the Savior while delighting in His perfect plan even though it means going THROUGH things we never would’ve chose for ourselves! (Psalm 107:9)

THROUGH confusion and uncertainty, we learn to be comforted by Scripture that we otherwise wouldn’t be searching for answers! (Psalm 94:19)

THROUGH hunger, we learn to be filled by His Word and His wonderful work in our lives! (Matthew 5:6)

THROUGH stillness, we learn to hear Him sweetly speaking words of direction and guidance ! (1 Kings 19:12)

It is only THROUGH these seasons, that we come to “know and believe..and understand” (Isaiah 43:10) a small fraction of His marvelous greatness!

Looking back on my life, I can say with great confidence that going THROUGH any and all of these things is surely worth it! I wouldn’t trade the sweetness of life His way for any plan I’ve ever made even though it meant and will continue to mean going THROUGH a number of different valleys and seasons of teaching!

On the other side of the season, at the conclusion of the lesson, regardless of what it is we’ve been THROUGH, we will be sure that He is indeed Lord, that He knows what’s best for His children and has been THROUGH each and every circumstance with His hand in ours!

We have His Word to assure us of this! “When thou passest THROUGH the waters, I WILL BE WITH THEE; and THROUGH the rivers, THEY SHALL NOT OVERFLOW THEE: When thou walkest THROUGH the fire, THOU SHALL NOT BE BURNED; NEITHER SHALL THE FLAME KINDLE UPON THEE!” Isaiah 43:2

Take courage, fellow Christian, that despite what you’re going THROUGH today in the end you will be able to say with David:

“For thou, Lord, hast made me glad THROUGH thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands. O Lord, how great are thy works! And thy thoughts are very deep.” Psalm 92:4-5

May09-July09Vacation 325As we stand at the start of a crooked and winding path that we have no choice but to go THROUGH, we can be sure that He has gone before us (John 10:4) and is ready to make each crooked place straight! (Isaiah 45:2) 

I am praying that He is near and that you are learning much about His greatness as you go THROUGH your current season! Have a wonderful Thursday! 🙂


“Yea, though I walk THROUGH the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for THOU ART WITH ME..!” Psalms 23:4


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