He’s Pouring Out Blessings On Me! :)

14 Aug

A busy end to a busy week! Isn’t Summer supposed to be relaxing and restful? 🙂 Just a quick post in praise of His MANY wonderful blessings during the busyness of it all! It’s easy to get consumed by all that needs to be done and end up going through an entire day before realizing you’ve missed out on enjoying the blessings He so bountifully bestows!

The things that may not seem so BIG, things that are part of everyday life, that are really the big things in the end of it all. Things like teaching a little blond toddler to sing hymns and pray. Things like spending precious time with Grandparents that always give such wise counsel and a listening ear. (Not to mention the fact that they spoil you rotten! That’s just an added bonus! :)) Things like seeing God answer prayer in such AMAZING ways after teaching you how to be patient while He seemed to delay His answer! Things like warm summer afternoons spent with those most dear to your heart! Things like a roof over your head, food on your table, and Jesus in your heart! Things like having all you need and much more than you deserve!

In the midst of the rush to get it all done, He’s calling me to slow down and treasure the moment, to slow down and revel in His goodness! Yes, there’s much work to be done, but He wants us to enjoy the benefits of being His children while getting that work done! As Christian’s, we have the privilege of looking at life with the right perspective. We can appreciate the sunrise knowing the One that created such beauty! We can wonder at the rain that comes when the sunflowerparched ground is in such need of it, knowing the One who caused each drop to fall! We can look at the flowers, knowing the same God that caused them to grow and sustains them is there sustaining us! Yet we hurry through life, needing to get from point A to point B in X amount of time, missing the greatness of it all, missing the greatness of our God!

He’s pouring out blessings on me, but I must choose to pause long enough to notice them! May your weekend be filled with His many blessings and the ability to slow down and delight in each and every one! 🙂

“Be STILL, and KNOW that I am God..!” Psalm 46:10


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