“Be Not Weary…

12 Aug

in well doing: for in due season we SHALL reap if we faint not!” Galatians 6:9

In my last post, I mentioned the Christian’s need for restoration in times of spiritual drought. Today, the Lord brought this verse to mind to encourage my weary (and worried!) heart to keep pressing on. His Word is the Ultimate Restorer of the soul!

  The Lord has been dealing with me heavily over the last few years about His desire for my life. He did not withdraw me from my purpose only for me to return to my own plan! He had a purpose for the pain. I believe His purpose was to prepare and ready me for a life of ministry. Through teaching, singing, speaking, and everyday living He gives opportunities for me to serve Him. More recently, He has been so incredibly gracious, opening doors and making ways in my life for me to be more active in His Service. The desire He’s been cultivating in my heart since August of 2005 is now being brought to fruition and I couldn’t be more thrilled! 🙂 He is keeping His promises to me in a way FAR BETTER than I ever imagined! I am amazed by His perfectness, in awe of His desire to work in our lives even down to the tiniest detail so that when He does give us the desires of our hearts, it is PERFECT indeed!

But sometimes, I grow weary in the Work, physically and spiritually speaking. I know I sound like a broken record, but I am certain that my weariness increases as my time in the Word and in prayer decreases. On days when I fail to begin the morning with extended time in the precious pages of Scripture, my attitude and outlook suffer greatly! I cannot accomplish much because I find myself weary. There are countless passages that warn us of our inability to function spiritually outside of the constant keeping of His Word in our hearts! We can’t be spiritually minded on our own, we must rely on His Word!

Other times, despite being faithful to prayer and Bible study, I still end up trudging wearily through the day as a result of the lack of results I presently see. There is so much I long to see accomplished, so many Christians I long to see truly understand what it means to have Jesus saturating their lives, so many sinners I long to see know what it feels like to see after years of spiritual darkness, and  levels of spiritual growth in my life that I desire to attain unto!Sometimes we grow weary because the Work we’ve been called to do holds so much weight in light of Eternity. It’s then that we are admonished to look ahead to the season of reaping that’s promised! I know I’ve mentioned it a million times before but I really don’t think I’ll ever get over (not that I want to or should! 🙂 ) the certainty of Scripture! I love the word “SHALL” in this verse! We have God’s guarantee of fruit for our labor!

Yes, the amount of work is large! Yes, our responsibility is great! But, in the end, we are promised a reaping of all we’ve worked so hard to sow! 🙂

So we must keep working because the Harvest is truly plenteous and the laborers are few! (Matthew 9:37)  Those before us served us well enough to tell us and teach us about our loving Lord! We owe it to the generation to come to do the same! We must keep on serving because our Savior deserves it! He doesn’t demand or force us to work, but He died to give us a Reason to serve!

emptypewsI think of the missionaries who’ve labored tirelessly only to see but a few souls come to Christ. I think of the Sunday School teacher that has faithfully served her pre-schoolers for fifty years, of the preacher who has filled the same pulpit and pastored the same people for decades though the fruit seems scarce as he looks at the empty pews. All of these scenarios seem somber until you picture what awaits these self-less servants in Eternity. I believe that there will be people in Heaven as a result of the diligent efforts of those who chose not to grow weary in well doing!

Don’t ever think your service as small or insignicant! A lost world is waiting for the Gospel you hold, hurting Christians need the encouragement you can give! Someone is counting on you!

“Be NOT weary in well doing!” Our reward awaits! 🙂


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