10 Aug

“He restoreth my soul…” Psalm 23:3

 When thinking about the word restoration, you know that the person or thing in need of it has once been in a better condition. Whether it’s in the case of a vehicle whose paint was once shiny and interior spotless now rusty and dirty or weatheredhousea beautifully painted building that once stood strong against the storms now weathered and aged, we know that the car is still in fact a car and the structure is still a structure. The same is true in the Christian life. There may have been previous days when our joy was greater, our burden for the lost larger or physical and spiritual strength stronger, but we are in fact still Christians. Whatever is presently lacking was once intact thus we stand in need of restoration.

Sometimes it’s the basic hustle and bustle of life that leaves us needing restoration. The busyness and demands that ministry, family, work, etc. place upon us can quickly drain us physically and spiritually. Other times the restoration is needed as a result of sin or because we’ve been left with a broken heart. Regardless of the reason, restoration is readily available to us! 🙂

The Psalmist states in the most famous Psalm of all that the Great Shepherd is indeed a Restorer of the soul! The God that formed man from the dust of the earth still remembers from whence we came (Ps. 103:14) and knows we need to continually resort to Him for strength,help and restoration! Knowing what a needy people we would be, He commands us to “pray without ceasing”(1 Thess. 5:17) realizing we are ever needy!

I found many encouraging verses in Jeremiah tonight as I studied about my God’s desire to restore His children!

When we are kneeling before Him, bleeding and broken, in need of restoration from sin, we are guarenteed to find it:

“For I WILL RESTORE health unto thee, and I WILL HEAL thy wounds, saith the Lord…”  Jer. 30:17

Health and healing are ours to claim!

If we kneel, in need of a restored joy, in order to serve Him with gladness through the good and the not so good, He promises to give that restoration as well:

“…for I WILL turn their mourning into JOY, and will COMFORT them, and make them REJOICE from their sorrow..!”Jer. 31:13

We need only to ask as David did:

“RESTORE unto me the JOY of thy salvation..” Psalm 51:12

Perhaps our spirits are weak, doubting that we’ll ever see what we strive so faithfully to accomplish, accomplished. In this case, He again offers restoration:

“Thus saith the Lord; REFRAIN thy voice from weeping, and thine eyes from tears: for thy work SHALL BE REWARDED, saith the Lord..!”Jer 31:16

Not only are dried tears and strengthened souls ensured when we seek Him for restoration, but also ensured is a REWARD!

We are of most good to our Lord and His Service when we have been completely emptied of self and come to Him seeking restoration! When we are full of ourselves, we are then the most empty spiritually. The great thing about our God is that He will never leave us empty! Sometimes He must pour us out in order to fill us up! 🙂 His Word promises that following restoration we will “… be SATISFIED with (His) goodness..!” Jer. 31:14


**  “…Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it..!” Psalm 81:10  **



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