“Giving thanks unto the Father…”

6 Aug

“…which hath MADE US MEET to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light:

Who hath DELIVERED us from the power of darkness, and hath TRANSLATED us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

In whom we have REDEMPTION through His blood, even the FORGIVENESS of sins.” Colossians 1:12-14

It’s been a lazy, gray morning but now the sun is shining and the Lord has strengthened my heart with Scripture! I love my Lord. I have been thinking alot lately about how different life would be if I didn’t have the Lord to run to in the midst of the good and not so good of life! I can’t imagine facing all that living entails without Him!

These verses from Colossians chapter 1 list 5 things we have been given through a relationship with our Savior! I pray they bless you as they blessed me this afternoon!

First, we have been made “MEET!” The word meet means to enable, qualify, make competent, ample (in amount), fit (in character), enough, good, sufficient, worthy. I know that was a lengthy list but every word brought such joy to my heart! We never could have qualified for a part in the inheritance of the saints on our own. We would never be competent, ample, or good enough to be found worthy! At our best, we will never be sufficient enough. Our sinful natures will ever keep us from being fit in character! Outside of Him, we would be living lives attempting to qualify only to fail miserably. It’s like trying to cover up with a blanket that’s too small or trying to wrap a present with a piece of wrapping paper that keeps coming up short. It’s impossible! But thanks to the Father, we have been made “MEET!”

But He doesn’t stop there! 🙂 Not only does He make us meet but He also has “DELIVERED us from the power of darkness…”The word delivered’s definition is simple but thrilling as it means to rescue! We were trapped in the darkness of sin, deep in the horrible pit, sinking in muck and mire, when He rescued us! We are now children of light! (Eph. 5:8)

broken_chain_ivAfter He delivered us from the pit of sin, we needed a new place to call home! So He took care of that too! We have been “…TRANSLATED…into the kingdom of His dear Son!” This word means to transfer or carry away! He carried us far away from the place where Satan’s chains once held us bound and broken! We are now citizens of Heaven, no longer held by the grip of sin!

And to enjoy our new position in His Kingdom, we have also been given “REDEMPTION through His blood!” The word redemption has wonderful definition meaning ransom in FULL or atonement! The price was high, only death could satisfy the debt. And die He did in order to pay our ransom in FULL! He shed his sinless blood to atone our sinful souls! Wow!! That’s enough to make any day a good day! 🙂

Finally, last but certainly not least, we now have “FORGIVENESS of sins!” Freedom, pardon, and liberty. Everything we don’t deserve!  A new life and a reason for living!

We have much to give thanks for! 🙂


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