I’m loving it! :)

28 Jul

flowerspinkandredWow! What a wonderful weekend! God is working in my life and in the lives of those around me in awesome ways and I am loving it! I don’t mean to sound like a McDonald’s commercial, but He is continually amazing me with His desire to be present in the details and make life worth living! He is so good!

We were privileged to be a part of 3 services in West Virginia this past weekend and every message was phenomenal! They spoke to me personally,  and I know they challenged the church as a whole!

The first message was from the book of Ruth, and was a great reminder to me to make sure I am continually speaking (or posting, in this case!) of the Lord’s work in my life! There’s no doubt in my mind that He’s at work so I should be ever telling of His greatness!

Elimelech took his family to Moab and what followed made it apparent that it wasn’t a very wise choice. After his death, his widow, Naomi, was left a single mother in a strange land. Shortly after that, all she had left was also taken by death when her two sons died as well. She found herself alone and hurting. Also left alone were her daughters-in-law, Ruth and Orpah.

Now what? Broken. Alone. Afraid. Far from home. I’m sure this wasn’t how Naomi expected to be feeling the day she left Bethlehem-judah with Elimelech to begin a new life in Moab years before.

The preacher used this passage of Scripture to relate to churchfuls of people in our pews today. They’ve lost the joy they once had. They are broken from past choices. They feel alone with no where to turn. They are afraid they’ve wasted too much time to start over. They are far from Home, spiritually speaking.

He told us that even the names of Naomi and Elimelech’s two sons paint a picture of many Christians today. Mahlon’s name means sick and Chilion’s name means pining in the original Hebrew language. Sadly, God’s children that should be joyful and happy in Him live life sick and pining.

But wait, this gets better! Just as our lives with all the situations and circumstances can “get better” when we surrender them to Him!

In the midst of Naomi’s heartbreak, she makes a decision.

“Then she arose with her daughters in law, that she might return from the country of Moab: for she had heard in the country of Moab how that the LORD had visited his people in giving them bread.” Ruth 1:6 

Naomi’s decision wasn’t just because she was alone in Moab and was at her wit’s end though I’m sure she was, but because she had heard of the good things going on in Bethlehem-judah.

Oh that God’s hurting people could hear that God is still giving His people bread! He is still the same God that saved them! The same God that desires to mend their brokenness! The same God that desires to quiet their fearful hearts and bring them back Home where He’s been patiently waiting. But in the pit of discouragement and despair where so many find themselves, they’ve all but forgotten that their Father is everything they are longing for.

 How will they ever return to Him and regain the life He died to give them? When those who are experiencing His goodness start speaking of it! When He’s doing wonderful things, our lives should radiate that!

It is my prayer that I ever be found joying in the journey to the point that others will be encouraged to know Him better! Someone must have been talking about what God was doing in back in Bethlehem for Naomi to have “heard” about in “in the country of Moab!”

I picture Naomi and Ruth (Orpah chose to go back to her family (vs. 14-15)) as they turned their backs of the heartache and pain of Moab and headed toward Home.

 “So they two went until they came to Bethlehem…” Ruth 1:19 

I’m loving what God is doing right now, but if I keep the blessing to myself and fail to speak of it then I am failing to bring Him glory! I pray that He will make my life a testimony of what He can do when a broken life is surrendered to Him. Four years ago, when He called me out of Moab and back to Bethlehem He did so by using His Word both written and spoken by others! I pray that the love He has given me for His Word and His Ways will bless others especially those who are still gripped by the pain that dwelling in Moab brings.

  “(I) shall abundantly utter the memory of thy great goodness, and shall sing of thy righteousness.” Psalms 145:7


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