The Fruit of the Spirit is…FAITH (Part 2!)

3 Jul

It’s been a good week in the Lord! I have been privileged to hear so many phenomenal messages that the Lord has used to challenge, convict, and change my heart! I am so thankful for the freedom we enjoy here in America. Yes, America has strayed far from the foundation upon which she was built, but we are still blessed with the freedom to assemble publicly to worship our God! The faith of our fathers is living still! 🙂

I haven’t been able to get past the fruit of faith in my study this week! I’ve been stuck in the faith chapter! It’s packed full of so many examples from which I’ve been attempting to glean all that I can to make me more faithful!

Even though the second message last night didn’t deal directly with faith, it certainly challenged me to evaluate exactly where my faith had been placed! I must confess that my faith has been in the wrong place this week! I’ve been trusting in self! (Wow, just typing that makes me realize how silly it is!) Why do we think we can handle it when we’ve seen the results of attempts to live our way?

penandpaperbawWhy do I keep taking the pen? I take it in an attempt to write my story when I’ve had to throw away page after page of spoiled manuscript from the seasons in which I’ve tried to write apart from Him! I take it because of impatience and the need to be in control. But what it all boils down to  is a lack of faith in the faithfulness of the Author that desires to lovingly work out His plan for my happily ever after in His time and in His way! For some reason, I think I know better! You would think I’d learn after all this time! Can I not trust “the Author and the Finisher of our faith” (Heb. 12:2) to have wonderful things prepared for me?

My faith in Him should be so strong that I can hardly contain my excitement about what’s to come in the next chapter! He that began the “good work” in me promised to “perform it!” (Phil. 1:6) I can be certain that He doesn’t leave projects unfinished! 🙂 I shouldn’t be plagued by worry and fear! When I try to do it in self, I am miserable! Miserable because I am completely and utterly helpless apart from Him!

So I must surrender the pen each morning trusting the outcome to the Author! I must seek a strengthened faith that is sure enough of my Savior to let Him “do it!”(Ez.  36:34) (See June 6th post “He WILL Do It!”)


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