Staring at the Son

1 Jun

sunnydayI love it when the Lord makes Himself known through everyday occurrences as He did today! While my sister and I were driving home from a shopping trip this evening, He reminded me of my need to be looking at Him at all times! 🙂

Just before the sun was setting, it seemed to be at it’s brightest! Though I wasn’t driving, the sun was making it hard to see anything! My first attempt was unsuccessful as I searched my purse for my sunglasses, and even the shade they provided was to no avail. Eventually, I flipped the visor down, trying to shield my eyes from it’s powerful rays. Both of these were failed attempts however because the sun seemed to shine even brighter! With the sun’s light filling the car, it was nearly impossible to see anything else clearly.

It was then that I thought about the Son and my need to “look full in His wonderful face!” The old hymn brought to mind by a sunny evening on this first day of June brought a tremendous challenge to me! For it is only when I have fully “turned my eyes upon Him” that the other unnecessary things will fade from view. It is only then that “the things of earth will grow strangely dim” and I can know my Savior as I should know Him. Oh that God would blind my eyes to the distractions and hindrances that keep me from focusing on the One that is most important! Oh that I would see more of “the light of His glory and grace!”

I’m so thankful that God works in our daily lives! What a joyful life it is when He is life itself! I’m glad that He doesn’t just show up once in awhile! I’m thrilled that He has given us the blessed opportunity to “look full” in the face of our Sweet Savior! 🙂 For “In him (is) life; and the life (is) the light of men!” (John 1:4) If I’ll only look upon Him, He will “enlighten my darkness!” (Psalm 18:28)

*I learned an awesome fact about the writer of “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” the other night! 55 year old Helen H. Lemmel was blind at the time of this hymn’s writing! I believe there’s a lesson in that alone! Often times the Lord must “blind” His children to all else so that we will finally “see” Him spiritually!*

*I highly recommend the book series entitled, “Then Sings My Soul! ” It’s such a blessing to learn the history behind the hymns we’ve sung for so long!*


One Response to “Staring at the Son”

  1. Joe Newsome June 2, 2009 at 6:38 am #

    I believe this is the type of “looking unto Jesus” that the author of Hebrews was talking about. Not just a quick glance every now and then, but a steadfast stare into His face.

    Its amazing to me that when we truly start seeking the Lord, He shows Himself so much in our everyday lives. Things that we normally may even complain about, like being blinded by the sun, become inspirations for our walk with Him. Thank you again for sharing your heart with us.

    Love you
    Uncle Joe

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