Are we fighting the good fight of Faith?

4 May

soldiersI have been so challenged by my study in Nehemiah! If only we would grasp just a little of  Nehemiah’s vision and of the “mind to work” that the people had (4:6)!

How long has it been since we were a threat to the devil’s work? I’m afraid we’ve been silent too long! I’m afraid he has the Body of Christ just where he wants them, doing NOTHING or next to nothing for the cause of Christ!

I am so inspired by the work ethic and drive that the workers had in rebuilding the wall! They realized the work that needed to be done and what would be lost if they failed to complete it. They realized they had something to fight for! “(Their) brethren,..sons,..daughters,..wives,..and… houses” (4:14) were at the mercy of the enemy if they failed to fight. So therefore, they continued to fight regardless of the opposition!

Do we realize we something or rather Someone to fight for? Do we realize what’s at stake? This generation is slipping away because we’re sitting down while we should be working!

It wasn’t that the workers were without fear because they also realized the strength of their enemies if they were to fight against them on their own. Verse 10 tells us that there was a time when their “strength… was decayed,” but they knew Who to turn to to enable them in the work left to be done.

Their enemies were real, and they were at work trying to counter their faithfulness with opposition. The difference between the builders of the wall and Christians today is their willingness to keep fighting despite the devil’s hindering. If we do begin to work, we give up at the first hint of hardness we may have to endure! However, we are commanded to “endure hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ!” (2 Tim. 2:3) Nehemiah and the workers could endure because they had One fighting for them, as do we, STILL today! Nehemiah spoke with confidence when he said, “Our God shall fight for us.” (4:20)

As blessed as I was by the reaction of the people, I was even more blessed by the reaction of their enemies! Verse 1 of chapter 4 tells us that “Sanballat… was wroth, and took great indignation!” when he heard that they “builded the wall!” This proves that they were successful!

 I wonder if the devil even feels threated by us, much less enough to get angry about what we’re accomplishing for God?

When was the last time we made the devil angry with our drive and determination to do God’s work regardless of anything that comes against us? When was the last time he had to shake his head at the spiritual success of God’s people admitting that he could do nothing more to hinder them? When was the last time that we proved to him that our God fighting for us was a good enough reason to keep us in the fight?

We can fight the good fight of faith courageously when we do what Nehemiah challenged “the nobles, and..the rulers, and…the rest of the people” to do in verse 14, “Be not afraid of them, REMEMBER the Lord, which is great and terrible!” We can and will remain active in the fight if we “REMEMBER” the One for which we are fighting and what we are risking when we fail to fight!


One Response to “Are we fighting the good fight of Faith?”

  1. Joe Newsome May 5, 2009 at 7:28 am #

    I love reading your posts in the morning. They inspire and challenge me to do my all for the Lord. This one reminded me of David’s question before he fought Goliath. He asked “is there not a cause?” I can say without a doubt there is a cause for us to keep fighting for. Thank you for reminding us of that.

    Love you
    Uncle Joe

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