Joying in Jesus!

2 May

“…In THY presence is FULNESS OF JOY; at THY right hand there are PLEASURES forevermore!” Psalm 16:11 🙂



I’m so thankful for the JOY that knowing Jesus brings to each and every day! When I look at my life today as compared to where I thought I would be or planned I would be 5 years ago, it’s certainly a different picture! Yes, quite a different picture, but a beautiful one! 🙂 Life is GOOD because God is REAL!!! I sat for a few moments tonight and reflected upon all of life’s JOYS that fill each day with such blessing! I am so thankful that God’s ways are higher than mine! (Isaiah 55:9)

5 years ago this month, I was counting down the days until my high school graduation and planning out my future as I thought it best. Thankfully, my Loving Lord changed my plans! He didn’t want me to settle for second best, but rather to SOAR on the wing’s of eagles! (Isaiah 40:31) I ponder often all of the blessings I would’ve missed had He allowed me to continue walking my road, living my way! Truly, He has satisfied my mouth with GOOD things! (Psalm 103:5) The future I once viewed as the only way to happiness has lost it’s glimmer and shine because Jesus has captured my heart! It’s because of the JOY that He brings that I can find JOY in the Journey! This is my post of praise! His Sweet Spirit has reminded me of His perfect plan, and I just needed to praise Him for it!

It’s because He changed my plans that I can enjoy the season I am currently in the midst of!

 A season that allows me to spend 5 days a week with my 14 incredible students doing what I believe God has called me to do, teach! To share their JOY as they learn to read a new word or get an A on a spelling test!  In fact they are often the teachers. I learn more from them than I’m sure they will ever learn from me! This season allows me to serve in a place where I can openly share the Gospel on a daily basis! It doesn’t get any sweeter!

A season that allows me to enjoy the wonderful Christian family He has given me and to serve with them through our ministry! A season that has provided the godly counsel and prayer support of my parents (and others who are heroes of my faith!) to make serving Him more joyous!  A season in which doors are opened almost weekly to sing His praises and to tell the Lost about the Savior! What could be better?

A season that allows me to spend time every week with almost all of my Grandparents so that I can glean much needed wisdom from their godly examples! Tuesday night’s with my Mammal, Friday afternoon’s with Granny, Sunday afternoons with Mom Mom and Pop Pop are times of precious fellowship that I will treasure forever! They are my prayer warriors, my goodly heritage (Ps. 16:6), and 4 of my most favorite people on earth!

A season that allows me to share in the JOY of watching my little cousin grow up (too fast!) and become a beautiful little girl! Had I continued down the road I was on 5 years ago, it would not have allowed me the time I have to spend with her today! To see her learn new things, to spend hours singing the same songs because she wants to sing them “AGAIN!”, to give countless piggy back rides, and to take a million pictures of the blond haired toddler who will all too soon be a beautiful young lady. I wouldn’t trade where God has me today for anything!

Most importantly, a season that allows me to know my Lord better! A season that has left me seeking Him as my ONLY source of true happiness and fulfillment! A season that has called me to plunge into the depths of His Precious Word (of which I’ve barely skimmed the surface!) today and seek His perfect will for my tomorrow! A season that has proved the goodness of my Sufficient Savior over and over again and is teaching me daily what it really means to be loving my Lord. 5 years ago I could have never imagined that I would be this in love with Him or His Word. It has honestly become the air I breathe, and He has finally become ALL I’ll ever need! A season in which I wake up each morning to find the new mercies of an Ever Faithful God very present! (Lam. 3:22-23) A season that has taught me that Christ is to be my Life in order to enjoy it to it’s fullest extent! (Col. 3:4)

Life has a color to it that it didn’t have 5 years ago, the vibrant color and comfort that a intimate relationship with Jesus brings! The sky is a prettier shade of blue and the flowers are more beautiful than ever before because life has a Purpose!

I just wanted to praise Him for changing my plans! I just wanted to share a little of what my heart is feeling at this moment, a JOY in Jesus that no earthly relationship or accomplishment can compare to! It’s because of HIM that teaching, singing and living are JOYOUS!


One Response to “Joying in Jesus!”

  1. Sonya Hodge May 2, 2009 at 10:24 pm #

    You have a special gift of expressing what God is doing in your life. You are a amazing young lady. You have encouraged me once again. Thank you!!!

    Your Friend,
    Mrs. Hodge

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