Northeast Ladies Conference ’09 :)

18 Apr





What a wonderful few days it has been! God is so very good to me! Over the last few days, I’ve had the privilege of attending the Northeast Ladies Conference in Downingtown, PA. God was very present in every session! It was such a blessing to be with hundreds of women who all had the same goal in mind, to know their God better! Each speaker and every song drew me closer to my Lord and helped me to get a better view of the year to come. Thursday night, all day Friday, and today until around 1 o’clock, we were able to slip away from normal routines and the busy pace of our everyday lives to spend time in the Word! What a blessing! 🙂

What’s amazing to me is that no matter what the topic of the session, each speaker had the same foundation…a real and daily relationship with the Savior. A relationship that reaches beyond salvation into a continual seeking of the One from whom our salvation came. No matter where we are in our lives, no matter what season we are in the midst of, whether married or single, working a secular job or in a Christian atmosphere, behind all of it must a be a passionate love and continual living for Jesus!

I was particularly encouraged by the session on soul winning! The speaker made this convicting and challenging statement that I know will remain on my heart for years to come; The ONLY alternative to SOUL WINNING is DISOBEDIENCE. Wow! That’s a profound and painful statement when it rests on the heart of one who is just that, disobedient! I purchased a Soul Winner’s New Testament at the conference and wrote that statement on the flyleaf of that little Bible. I pray that it will be EVER present on my heart in the coming days as I seek to be a brighter light in this dark world in which we live! May it break my heart that one breath is all that separates my lost neighbor from an eternity in Hell and may it break my heart to an even greater degree that in not soul winning I am breaking the heart of my Jesus. The Jesus that poured out His life’s blood for me commanded that I “GO…INTO ALL THE WORLD” (Mark 16:15) pouring my life into the spreading of His Gospel, and in not doing so I am being disobedient!

So from this corner of my room as I sit typing this post, the prayer on my heart is that He would give me the courage and boldness to share my Jesus with my “Jerusalem” (Acts 1:8) and ever remind me of what the ONLY alternative is!

I am so thankful for the last few days and for the strength I’ve received from God’s precious Word. The godly speakers and their amazing testimonies were pictures of what I hope to one day become! 

I’ll close with this question;

“Will anybody be in Heaven because I cared enough to tell them?” ~ Mrs. Barbara Schultz


One Response to “Northeast Ladies Conference ’09 :)”

  1. STEVE ROWE April 24, 2009 at 12:54 am #

    our ways and handling of current events around us will show the lost world the way to Jesus as we always remember God is in control past present and future and he is always good and always right many will be in heaven If we be good models and clean vessels for our masters use. Lord bless you You got a friend in PA brother Steve Rowe

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