“I forget…”

16 Apr

orangeflowerAs a teacher, one of the most frequent responses I receive from my students is “I forget.” When I ask questions about the lesson or something taught during a previous lesson, my students will sometimes ponder for a moment and respond with “I forget.”

To have forgotten something means that we have previously known. The dictionary definition is as follows, “to cease or fail to remember; be unable to recall:” It means we once knew, but do not know at the moment.  James 1:22 and 25 have been on my heart this morning.

“But be ye DOERS of the Word, and NOT HEARERS ONLY, deceiving your own selves.”(v.22)

“But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and CONTINUETH therein, he being NOT a FORGETFUL HEARER, but a DOER OF THE WORK, this man shall be blessed in his deed.” (v.25)

I am so apt to be a “FORGETFUL HEARER!” I know, I read His Word, but yet my actions show that I have forgotten. What an incredible challenge from God’s Word to strive not to forget. As God’s children, with the precious privilege of having His Word as a part of our daily lives, we cannot claim ignorance! He has given us “exceeding great and precious promises”  2 Peter 1:4 and we won’t be able to use the excuse “I forgot” on the day when we stand before Him to give an account for the lives we’ve lived!

Oh, that I would spend more time as a “DOER OF THE WORD… and WORK”  He has given me to do!  A few weeks ago, I was discussing the difference between hearing and listening with my second graders. To hear means we have “perceived by the ear.” We’ve heard the sound, but has it sunk in? To listen means “to give attention with the ear, heed, obey.” The difference between hearing and listening is that ACTION follows listening! Am I merely hearing what God is saying to me, or am I really listening to Him and showing Him I’ve listened by acting upon what He’s said?

May I seek to listen and DO what God would have me to do! May I cease from using the response of “I forget!”


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