“…Unto the furtherance of the Gospel;”

13 Apr

“that the things which happened unto me have fallen out rather unto the furtherance of the Gospel;” Philippians 1:12 openbible

Often when circumstances and situations arise that make little or no sense to us, our first concern is self. We worry and question and wonder about the reasoning behind it. I have been so challenged by this verse in Philippians recently. Each time self begins to sulk and pout about current circumstances, the Lord brings this incredible verse to my mind. The Lord knows just what it takes to remind me of His purposes and His perfectness. So many times that familiar question of “Why?” can overwhelm the peace that He desires His children be characterized by. But is what is the purpose of my life? That everything goes according to my plans? Not at all! The purpose is that He is glorified! And Who better to know how He can be glorified, than my Lord, Himself? He knows exactly why things are working like they are and even better He’s allowing it not only for His glory but also for my good!

Paul’s response to his imprisonment was not sulking or selfish complaining about his terrible lot! It was a response of praise! 🙂 He was excited that his bonds had resulted in the lost hearing the Good News of Jesus(Phil. 1:13),  and that other Christians had “wax(ed) confident” in their witness (Phil. 1:14)!  Remember when Paul was in prison with Silas?  Paul understood that he had a choice to make. He could sulk or he could sing! He knew that singing would better glorify his Savior! If his response had been one of sulking instead of singing, I wonder if the jailor would’ve been converted?

Oh, that my response to every circumstance would be one of excitement knowing fully that the Lord has allowed it to show Himself strong on my behalf!

In Psalm 30, David says that it was by God’s favor that He allowed his “mountain to stand strong.” (v.7) God always knows what’s best, and often uses painful circumstances to show us how much we need His Presence! If we didn’t have the valley, how would we know we needed a Shepherd? If we didn’t shed tears, how would we know that He could dry them?

It is my desire to learn how to see my life through His eyes! If exchanging my plans for His can bring a lost person to the saving knowledge of Christ or draw a Christian closer, than Lord please change my plans!   

I want to delight in the day He’s given me regardless of what trials I may encounter because I know that He’s working it all out to the “furtherance of the Gospel!” For what better purpose can we live? 🙂


One Response to ““…Unto the furtherance of the Gospel;””

  1. Orville Ford April 14, 2009 at 9:37 am #

    Sara, Thanks so much for writing these blog’s. I look forward each morning to see if there is a new one. As you know alot has changed in our lives in the last 8 months. I pray that we are doing the Lords will, and where we end up we will be able to win someone to Christ. I will never forget you guys and how good you guys sing. keep up the good work!

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