18 Mar

map12I have been “stuck” in my study of Elijah over the last few weeks, and God has been showing me so much that parallels with my life! I love God’s Word and it’s constant application to whatever I’m going through! While reading the other night, I was struck by a map of “The Wanderings of Elijah.”  The map showed the distance from the Brook Cherith to Zarephath where Elijah met the widow woman. Did you know they are approximately 85 MILES apart? That means that there was a journey between Elijah’s time by the Brook and the work God had for him in Zarephath! The account doesn’t tell us about the journey, but it makes sense to assume that it took Elijah awhile to get from Point A to Point B! As I processsed this, the Lord showed me how this mirrors my own life especially in this current season!  Yes, I am confident He dried up the Brook, but I also know that I am not yet in my Zarephath but instead on a journey in between. A journey of waiting, a journey of uncertainty, but a journey filled with the Presence of a Faithful God!

We don’t always get to leave one season and immediately begin a new one sometimes there’s waiting in between. But we can rest assurred that in the WAITING GOD IS WORKING! 🙂 For you see as Elijah journeyed to Zarephath, God was preparing a widow woman to be in need at the VERY MOMENT he arrived!

Elijah wouldn’t arrive one minute early or one minute late or he would’ve missed that little widow woman gathering sticks for her final fire on which to cook her final meal. God didn’t have Elijah spend time by the Kishon River though it would’ve been much closer to Zarephath than Cherith was because He had a perfect plan and a perfect time table on which to work it out! 🙂

Often times in our own lives we don’t get to progress as quickly as we would like, but rather slowly so He can teach us patience and total dependence upon Him! The journey is filled with just as many valleys as mountains, just as many wildernesses as times by the Brook so that God can make us effective and efficient Christians!

Just as Elijah needed Cherith, he needed the 85 mile journey to Zarephath! Be certain that you need where you are today even if it means spending time in a season of waiting. Each season and every mile along the way is just one more step on the path towards becoming more like Christ! Though it may not seem beneficial today, be sure that “As for God, HIS WAY is PERFECT!” Psalm 18:30

* The map pictured does not show the Brook Cherith or the Kishon River. The Brook is right next to Jericho, and the Kishon River is right next to Mount Carmel. Notice, that Zarephath is all the way near the top in Phoenicia! With God sometimes going the long way is the BEST way!!! 🙂 *


6 Responses to “Waiting…”

  1. Sonya Hodge March 21, 2009 at 7:09 pm #

    Dear Sara,

    What an encouragement to read what the Lord has given you on your blog. Is that what it’s called ? I receive emails from family, but that’s the extent of my computer knowledge. I know we have not known each other for very long. But I thank the Lord for allowing us to meet. You have been a blessing to me. You truly have a heart for the Lord. I admire your willingness to allow God to teach you and apply it to your life. In Psalms 86:11 it say’s “Teach me thy way, O Lord ; I will walk in thy truth: unite my heart to fear thy name”. I have been studying in my devotion the book of Psalms. I thank the Lord for the Bible, it gives me great comfort. I was reading this morning in Psalms 62 in verse 2 it say’s “He only is my rock, and my salvation; he is my defence; I shall not be greatly moved”. Then you go down to verse 6 and it say’s again “I shall not be moved.” Selah. I love that word . He really wants us to think about it, meditate on it. Well, I guess I will say goodbye for now. Thank you for allowing me to read your blog it was a blessing. I hope you continue to share with others what the Lord gives you. I hope to read more in the future.
    Your friend,
    Mrs. Hodge (Sonya)
    Lamentations 3:22&23

  2. Joe Newsome March 22, 2009 at 10:26 pm #

    Hey Sara, I know it has taken a couple of days to post a comment on this blog. It seems like every one of the blogs you have written so far has truly spoken to my heart and had a direct application to my life. I never knew the distance Elijah had to travel was 85 miles. Likewise, we never know how long it will be from one direct leadership from God to the next. We just have to be faithful in doing what we do know to do until we recieve the next command. God will reward that faithfullness. Thank you for another wonderful blog.
    Love you
    Uncle Joe

  3. Orville Ford March 31, 2009 at 9:50 am #

    Hi Sara, I read your blog on waiting again this morning it realy spoke to me. This is where I’m at
    in my life right now. I just have to wait for GOD to
    move us on and trust HE will put us were HE wants
    us to be. Please,Please, keep up the good works for
    the LORD. You have trouched my life.

  4. daleog March 27, 2012 at 8:13 am #

    Thank you for posting your thoughts and research on Elijah, which I found by doing a Google search for the brook Cherith. Your blog has encouraged me. Dale

  5. Jacques Nzoma September 30, 2012 at 4:07 am #

    Great meditation and great blessing to me and many. Praise God!

  6. Vaughn Foster October 28, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    I was searching for the distance between Cherith and Zarephath. Thank you! I also stumbled on to a conversation I had with my father-in-law last week — the perfect timing of God. When you get a chance, I would love to hear your thoughts on my book, “A God Worth Waiting For.” God bless you!

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