Praying for Pens!

11 Mar


Prayer… the way to receive deliverance from sickness, the moving of mountains in our lives, salvation for the lost and other things that seem to be standing in our way. I have been so encouraged by a testimony about prayer that I heard earlier this week !

A missionary friend of ours was preaching at a local Revival when he shared with us this answer to prayer. Recently he received a call from Honduras asking for ink pens. The people there desire to go into the schools and preach the Gospel, and in doing so want to give the children a way to remember them. So he began praying for pens. Now in comparison to the moving of mountains and healing from sickness that we so often pray for this prayer for ink pens may not seem significant at first glance. But wait… the people in Honduras were asking for 2,000 pens!!!! A missionary doesn’t have the money to buy 2,000 pens!

Meanwhile, a man in Delaware was cleaning out his warehouse and the missionary “just happened” 🙂 to be in Maryland to preach this week. The owner of the warehouse told the pastor and missionary that they were welcome to anything they needed so they started going through boxes. What do you think was in the boxes????

THOUSANDS OF PENS!!!!!!!!!!!! God heard, and God answered a simple prayer for ink pens that would aid in the taking of the Gospel to school children in Honduras!  What an amazing reminder that God desires His children to seek Him for every need!

Often we pray and fail to expect an answer. We’ve become satisfied with silence, but God wants us to “pray without ceasing!” and He wants to answer in the same way! The God who delivered us from the power of darkness longs to pour out His blessings daily! He wants to provide if we’ll just pray!

Our Father feeds the ravens and clothes the lilies! He clothes the grass of the field and sees the sparrow when it falls! He does all of this for them, but His Word tells us that we are “of MORE VALUE than MANY sparrows,” (Luke 12:7 ), and that He knows exactly what we have need of before we ask! (Matthew 6:32) Twice He uses the words “HOW MUCH MORE!” when referring to how much better we are than the fouls of the air and the grass of the field! If He meets their every need, I know He desires to do MUCH MORE for us!

Surely if my God can provide THOUSANDS of pens, He can answer my every prayer! 🙂

“…in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.” Philippians 4:6


One Response to “Praying for Pens!”

  1. Joe Newsome March 11, 2009 at 10:20 pm #

    I’ve told a few people this story too. What an awesome reminder of how great our God truly is. God has been so good to us. Of course you have done a wonderful job of putting it into this blog, reminding us of how much God desires to hear from us. Thank you.

    Love you
    Uncle Joe

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