28 Feb


As the last few months have brought unexpected changes to life as I had always known it, the Lord has been confirming this all important truth for me. Daily as I open the precious Word of God and find strength in it’s pages, He reminds me that He is ENOUGH! In fact, He proves that He is MUCH MORE than ENOUGH! The first verse in Genesis chapter 15 has introduced me to a perspective that I pray He only continues to cultivate in my heart. The Lord says this to Abram, “Fear not,… I am thy shield, and thy EXCEEDING GREAT REWARD!” Oh that I would realize that in Christ, I have been given an EXCEEDING GREAT REWARD! May this amazing truth be ENOUGH to sustain me when it seems that I am lacking all the things I’ve always dreamed of obtaining. May we grasp that even if He never answers another prayer (but thankfully He will!) that in Him we already have ENOUGH! Everyday, the strength that Scripture provides is proving to be ENOUGH for me! How real His promises become when we start asking Him to make them real in our lives. They become MUCH MORE than words on a page! Truly they are “Spirit and they are life” John 6:63 No,we may not ever be given certain desires of our hearts, but may we understand that if He doesn’t give them, it’s only because they would hinder us from finding that He and He ALONE is all that we need to have ENOUGH! Surely, Jesus is my “EXCEEDING GREAT REWARD!” May He be real in your life today!


2 Responses to “He’s ENOUGH!”

  1. Joe Newsome February 28, 2009 at 12:16 pm #

    Thank you so much for this blog. It truly touched my heart this morning. As you know, I’ve had a big change in my life right now and this blog helped me get things back in perspective. I just want you to know how extremely proud I am of you. I know you will say to give God all the glory and I do. It is just such a blessing to see you allow Him to use you this way. You are a tremendous blessing to me.
    Love you
    Uncle Joe

  2. catherine March 14, 2009 at 1:45 pm #

    What encouragement this brings, I am so glad you shared this blog with me. What a blessing you are to others in your faith and strength in the Lord.

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